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What is Virtual Reality 

Imagine taking a walk on the moon, or taking a stroll through the streets of medieval London, or inspecting a house that is yet to be built! Sounds impossible? Welcome to the world of virtual reality!

Virtual reality basically refers to using computers to create and experience an environment that actually doesn’t exist. Virtual reality is a realistic 3D world that is computer-generated and interactive, making you feel as if you really are ‘within’ that world. Experiencing virtual reality need not be just visual – it can also include other senses such as, sight, hearing, etc. Sounds incredible, right?

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We provides  cost-effective virtual reality solutions, and specializes in Virtual Reality, 3D Immersive Experiences, 3D Training Simulations, Virtual Worlds and Immersive Technologies. With Syskode Technologies you can rest assured you are with the best as our team members are not only well-experienced and skilled in the technology of virtual reality, but also make sure that they are updated regarding the latest advances and emerging technologies.

Real Estate

House hunters are already used to looking at pictures of properties on sites like Zillow, Trello, 99acres. Of course, nothing replaces the real thing, but online visuals do play a drastic role in deciding whether to buy the property or not.

  • Virtual Sample Flats
  • Virtual Site progress video
  • VR booth in exhibitions and events

Architects and Interior Designers

With VR technology, you have the ability to internally review new designs with near perfect fidelity. Quickly make and review design changes with your team and the customer. Connect remote teams and allow them to speak the common language of visualization. With efficient communication, it’s faster to make final decisions, and quicker decisions means hitting deadlines. That translates to the bottom line on any project


Bring lessons to life through Virtual Reality, making every leaner closer to the places, theories which the one studied through textbooks.

  • VR educational expeditions
  • Virtual Experiment laboratories
  • Virtual Museums
  • Virtual Training

Industries & Manufacturing

VR technology is making this much easier and more accessible. Engineers are able to design better products while customers can see final products pre-production, ultimately saving everyone precious time and money.



Virtual Reality impacts and changes the way people travel, people can actually choose the place and visit virtually to the farther destinations like Hawaii or Antartica.

  • 7D cubicles for Exhibitions and events
  • Immersive Mobile applications
  • VR experience zones



Virtual Reality gets a potential guest closer than ever before to “being there without actually being there,” Travelers can actually feel the services provided by the hotels before they book the same.

  • Destination experiences
  • VR Property Tour
  • Immersive Mobile application
  • Virtual In-Room


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