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IT Services

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[iconbox type=”13″ icon_title=”Small Businesses ” iconbox_content=”Our Small to Mid-size Business Solutions can assist you with tasks such as bookkeeping, small business accounting, Controller and CFO level services, as well as accounting systems automation and integration. ” icon_link_text=”Learn more” icon_name=”sl-user”]
[iconbox type=”13″ icon_title=”Industry Solutions” iconbox_content=”Syskode has acquired vast expertise across a number of industries, including hospitality, health care, the sporting industry, food, travel, franchises and more. The work we have performed for these clients has provided us with insight into many industry trends and metrics.” icon_link_text=”Learn more” icon_name=”sl-wrench”]
[iconbox type=”13″ icon_title=”Business Solutions” iconbox_content=”As a single source solution provider, we offer a range of Business Support Solutions to complement our Accounting Services and Solutions. Over the years, we have learned to recognise what services are required at various stages in a business’ life cycle to propel them forward.” icon_link_text=”Learn more” icon_name=”sl-briefcase”]
[iconbox type=”13″ icon_title=”Partner Programs” iconbox_content=”At Syskode, we understand your goal of delivering high quality service to your clients. By partnering with us, we can help you derive the best from your business and attain that goal. Our Partners Program is available to firms and individuals with complementary services that lack basic infrastructure, and documentation.” icon_link_text=”Learn more” icon_name=”sl-people”]
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Our products and services include all range of servers, computers, and computer accessories, network products, multimedia and software. Our customer support services include a unique Annual Maintenance contract, which ensures a comprehensive service within stipulated time frame. We are willing to have an open discussion on product differentiation, so that our customers can realize how long prices lead to fall in quality standards. In Syskode we are committed to QUALITY in everything we do.

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[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”Cloud Storage” icon_image=”9772″][iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”Firewall Solutions” icon_image=”9775″ icon_name=”none”]
[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”Wireless Solution” icon_image=”9773″][iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”Biometric Systems” icon_image=”9777″ icon_name=”none”]
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Software Solutions

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