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We specialising in a range of holographic 3D visualisation solutions from static images to video displays. Holographic technology does not need glasses or any eyeware. Images appear in mid-air and are viewable naturally with the naked eye.

All holographic technology uses the physical principles of diffraction to form images in space. We developed several generations of holographic technologies, which span from static images to motion video displays with interaction.

This method of using 3D holograms opens up a completely new, revolutionary way of presenting products. The products are displayed in a high-quality, exclusive and innovative way and the needs of the corresponding target groups are precisely taken into account at the same time.

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An eye level camera hidden behind the picture for real telepresence. The total solution is designed to enable close viewing of the large screen so that the imaged individuals appear to be on the other side of the table (not on the other side of the room) with perfect eye contact.

Syskode also has numerous custom solutions based on our extensive patents in eye contact telepresence.  Smaller systems that still provide for life-size images with eye contact are configured for executive offices.

These personal systems are ideal for doctor-patient communications, client relationship portals, sales portals, and remote personal training portals.  All of our products have been configured as public access terminals.  The addition of monetary transaction systems, document signing, and product and service purchasing have been developed.  Subject matter expert terminals in banks, hospitals, and more have also been fully developed.  Contact us for your custom applications.

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We can make static digital holograms from any kind of dataset including medical scans, scientific data or engineering designs. We have holographically imaged everything from sub-atomic particle physics to models of the universe; and even mapped the entire human anatomy.

Our digital holograms allow you to visualise 3D data from every angle and illustrate details than can’t be viewed in 2D. They are cutting edge, captivate audiences, don’t require glasses and offer interactivity through channelling and animation.

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We create Holograms using our specially designed Capture Studios that seamlessly enable both talent or 3D content to be live and broadcasted virtually anywhere in the world.  Capture Studios can be set up anywhere (meeting rooms, event space, conference area).



The core of our integrated platform, the ARHT Engine enables live and pre-recorded playback of content to one or more ARHT Holographic Displays simultaneously.

  • Multiple playback channels in HD or 4K
  • Two-way low-latency streaming to multiple locations
  • Ability to receive and send video to different devices (ie: Mobile) or stream live online (ie: YouTube or Facebook live)
  • Live compositing of streaming content
  • Ability to record content for future playback



The H-Series Displays come in both 5ft and 10ft wide options. They can be placed in virtually any space for applications that range from digital signage to live events.

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3D holograms are suitable for every sector. Whether industry, mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, food, telecommunications, automotive, or other sectors, the range of possibilities is practically endless. Products, processes, and procedures that require a lot of explanation profit from this new presentation technology just as much as conventional products that need to be innovatively presented.

If you are looking for an eyecatcher, the hologram is the right magnet for attracting customers.

Regardless of which sector or product, depending on the briefing, the most important thing is to develop an individual hologram for each customer that precisely matches the customer, the target group, and the environment. This strategy guarantees an impressive 3D hologram that arouses the interest of potential customers and helps retain existing ones.

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